Cash advance is an incredible opportunity for you to make big bucks on just one deal. A merchant cash advance is a purchase of the future credit and debit card processing receivables in the form of an “advance” to merchants who need money now but may fail to qualify for a conventional loan. The merchant reimburses the advance by allowing a debit of a portion of its credit and debit card processing receivables, usually over a period
of four to twelve months. Interest rates are steep, going as high as 40 percent, but commissions are high, too. You can usually get a commission of 6 percent up front upon the advance funding, and then as much as 3 percent upon completion. On a $50,000 advance you are looking at $4,500 over an average of six months. You are then looking at another 3 percent or $1,500 if they renew another round of funding. Oh yeah, and you get
the merchant account, too—and in this case the merchant account is just an ancillary part of the equation, and your rates do have to be super-low to get this deal. Gas station owners love them for expansion. Limousine companies worship them for new vehicles.
Our partners are usually willing to advance as much as 100 percent of a merchant’s monthly volume with a debit of 10 to 20 percent of their monthly payment processing for reimbursement.With advances starting at $5,000 and going up to $250,000 you can make big upfront money and a monthly residual. This makes cash advance a great way to take you to
payment-processing stardom! You should ask everyone you come into contact with if they need money. Deliver one cash advance per month of only $50,000 and you are a rock star making upwards of $60,000 in your first year on this vertical alone! Write two deals a week on top of that and you are guaranteed to top $100,000 in your first year!

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