Is it good product knowledge? You have to know the product and be able to answer any questions from your prospect as soon as possible. So as you learn the products, write down in a journal the questions you receive from your prospects and the answers you receive from us to help you with your product knowledge and enable you to answer each question.

You need a good presentation, and good presentations start with questions. Write down questions you can ask each prospect for each type of business you are working with. If you can ask leading questions, then you can lead your prospect to the natural conclusion, which is buying from you. Practice your presentation with your parents or friends. It needs to be smooth to reach a conclusion where you ask for their business. After each presentation, grade yourself, look for ways you might be able to improve, and write them in your journal. Go over them periodically to learn from your mistakes.

Once you have asked your leading questions, go into your presentation or demonstration to show and tell how your offer meets their needs. Explain it fully; give the cost and or the fees and answer this ultimate question: Why should they buy from your partner company? If you are selling to a bank referral, the main reason is that we have the solution to meet their needs, we have helped several of the bank’s clients in the past, and we will be there for them in the future with our great customer service and technical support. There is no talk of rates, and you generally follow with a lease (see Chapter 11: Leasing), as a bank referral is usually a slam dunk.

If you’re selling to a new business where you have to be ultra-competitive, the main reason they should go with us is that we are not going to sell or lease them a machine; we are going to buy one for them to use for as long as they need it. We know they’re a new business, so we are going to give them the lowest rates possible. We offer twenty-four hour customer service and technical support, so if they ever have a question or an issue, we will be there for them when they need it most.

If you are selling our POS system (see Chapter 18: POS Systems), the main reasons a business should choose us are that this system will help them automate their business for increased profits, and that we offer a lower cost of ownership than the competition. because this is a new system to their company, service is the most important part—and service is our best attribute. So not only are we offering a great system at the lowest cost, we will be there to help them with their business twenty-four hours a day as they learn the system.

This is also a great time to tell a story of how you have helped another business owner just like them, how it worked out, and why they liked it.

Last but not least, tell them why they should buy from you. Tell them about your experience, tell them why you’re in business, and ask for the sale: “Are you ready to move forward?” Or ask, “What do you say, John? Is this the system for you?”, and offer a handshake. That’s hard to refuse!

If your presentation is going well, just pull the paperwork out and start asking the questions from your application. Yes, it’s a little presumptive, but sometimes that’s all it takes!

Another way to ask for the sale is to break up the cost into a daily number: “John, it’s only going to cost you three dollars a day. Now, you can afford that, right?” Pull the application out and start asking questions. “John, I know you need this system. It does everything you need it to do and more. We are going to plug in your menu in advance, we are going to install it and train you how to use it, and we are going to be there for you twenty-four hours a day to help you with any questions you might have. What do you say, are you ready to automate your business?”

There are a million ways to close a sale, but the bottom line is that you need to as them what their wants and needs are, show them how you can deliver the solution, and take your best shot. If you miss, keep shooting until you hit your target or until they politely ask you to leave.

Don’t forget to tell yourself how great you are and how no one can say no to your offer. The best time to make a sale is after making a sale. After you make a sale, you are overflowing with exuberance and brimming with confidence. When you are ready to start work for the day, say it out loud: “I’m the greatest salesperson ever, and no one can refuse my offer!” Believe in yourself first and others will follow. People can pick up on whether you are just trying to make a buck or if you truly believe that your product and service is the best on the face of the Earth. It’s the transfer of passion that makes your prospect say, “I’ll take it!” So remind yourself how great you are, believe it, and you are on your way to the top!

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