The best way to reach a maximum number of merchants in one day is to telemarket. While it is true that many of these business are being hit hard on a daily basis, with time and effort you can find and sell to “the needle in the haystack.” Except it’s really not a needle but more like a baseball bat.
The first thing you don’t want to do is wing it, so you will need a script. We have added a script we use in “The Plan,” but you need to tailor it to the type of merchant to whom you are marketing, too. Once you have a script, you need to practice it. Using our scripts word for word will work just fine, but don’t be afraid to tweak them to what feels good to you. This is your business, and you need to feel comfortable with what you’re saying. Once you have a script you feel comfortable with, you will need a list. If you choose to pay for a list company like I do, you need to make the most of the companies on that list. I would highly recommend that you concentrate on one or just a few types of businesses at a time. The more you deal with one type of business, the easier it gets to ask the probing questions that really help a client find their needs.
Now you have a script that you feel comfortable with and a list of prospects to call, but how do you spend more time talking on the phone and less time dialing? It wasn’t that long ago that I would take a printed list and call the names one by one. It was tedious, but it worked to a certain extent because telemarketing works. What you need is an auto dialer. Auto dialers allow you to upload a list and either dial one prospect at a time or, for maximum effectiveness, multiple merchants at a time. While it’s dialing you can see who you’re calling on your computer, and when they answer you can see what business you have connected with. You can see your script and also make notes for later reference. You can also get yourself a headset, which allows you to type information about each call into your computer and is much easier on your neck than a regular phone. When you telemarket, you need to be ready for the people who just got called three seconds ago for the same thing. At times they will even cuss you out. So let them hear your smile, grow some thick skin, and use the script—it will help you break down the barriers.
Now, I will be the first to admit that sitting and making calls is tough. If you need to get up and stretch or take a little walk every hour or so to help keep you fresh, then do it. I will even do a few push-ups to keep me awake. If you get an idea or think of something you need to do, write it down. The bottom line when you’re making cold calls is to make forty to fifty calls per hour to get one to two leads per hour and ten to twenty follow-ups. You usually want to speak to the owner or at least the manager, as only these people can
make a decision, but the business owner is the only one who can sign a contract. Odds are that on half of your calls you will not be able to reach the decision maker, which will require a follow-up call.
The Do Not Call Registry is a list of consumers or individuals to whom you cannot telemarket. The government stepped in to help us all stem the tide of unwanted phone calls, including the infamous call during the dinner prayer. The good news is that this list does not apply to businesses or even home businesses. Anyone can place themselves on the Do Not Call Registry, but you can’t get in trouble for calling businesses that place themselves on the list simply because they think they can, or because they think it will at
least slow the number of calls they receive.
Whatever you do, don’t use a press-1 or dial-1 campaign. These have become very popular because they take all of the hard work out of telemarketing. This method allows you to deliver a message, and if the customer is interested, he or she can “press 1” to get to a live person. However, most states have laws against press-1 campaigns, and some are
criminal. This means that you could go to jail for using a press-1 system to reach prospects. I know what you’re thinking: “I get those calls all the time.” The problem is that in this case the old excuse that “everyone else was doing it, officer” doesn’t work. As they say, you have been duly warned. Don’t do it!
When making appointments for switches or whatever you’re selling that day, you need to focus on the benefits of the appointment. Do not focus on your product or what it does; focus on the appointment itself. What are the benefits of an appointment with you? First of all, I’m always early, so you can be sure I will be on time. Next, there is nothing to buy. (“What?” you say.) I say something like this:
“I simply would like you to show you what we have to offer, and if it fits your needs you can make a move or we can schedule another appointment to discuss a purchase or sign-up. We have met with several business owners in your area and most of them have found that meeting with us has helped them understand how much they are overpaying for processing, whether they go with us or not.” More than anything you are just trying to get your foot in the door. When making an appointment, be sure to get your prospect’s office or cell phone number so you can confirm your appointment an hour or so before you have to leave just to make sure it’s
still on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve showed for an appointment over the years and discovered that the prospect forgot about it, or worse yet, when I got there they didn’t have time. It’s also a good idea to check the address they give you on Google Maps to make sure it is a real address. If it is a new business, it’s a new address for them, and they may give the wrong address. Once again, your time is valuable!
Another thing you need to remember is that this business is from coast to coast. You can call any business in any state, e-mail or fax them information, and then fax or e-mail the paperwork for sign-up. You can go see them if the deal is big enough. We even have a “click to agree” system where you can e-mail the agreement and all the client has to do is click to agree, and then e-mail or fax you a voided check and the first page of their
lease or a utility bill. It’s that easy!

Lets get started!
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