There are many different types of businesses that accept credit cards. The most popular type of merchant is a retail merchant that accepts cards in a storefront setting. Upon presentation of your card, they simply dip it into the credit card processing terminal or a touch-screen POS for approval. Their machine prints a receipt, you sign it, and you get a copy of the receipt. Typical retail merchants include auto mechanics, doctors, gas stations, and jewelry stores.

eCommerce is the newest type of merchant. These merchants accept payment via a shopping cart and a payment gateway (secure system)

Mobile merchants accept credit cards in the field either with a cell phone and a blue-tooth dip device or a full fledged mobile credit card terminal with rechargeable batteries and a printer. I have even seen some merchants even use a mobile system in a retail setting to avoid the cost of having a phone.

Mail Order/Telephone Order or MOTO is a merchant who accepts a majority of there charges over the phone

The most inexpensive and most profitable option for you, the sales rep, is to try and get the merchant to process with a terminal or POS system through the Internet.

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