As I have said before, accepting credit cards is a privilege, not a right. Individuals with less than stellar credit, or business owners of businesses with a high charge-back potential, need a place to go. Enter the old adage “To start a business is to find a need and fill it.”
There are many ISO’s both domestically and offshore that can and are ready to help—and you can benefit. We have partnered with several companies that will help these types of situations, and the margins can be staggering. I have personally made as much as 2 percent per transaction; depending how desperate your newfound source of revenue is, even as much as 3 percent is possible. Just keep in mind that you do have to split the
profit with your partner, or should I say, they have to split it with you!
I found my first high-risk deal when the client was declined by my main partner. I just told them we had an option for people with “challenged credit.” This also opens up an opportunity for an equipment sale, a gateway license fee, or at the very least a setup fee. With high-risk businesses you get good up-front money and an above-average monthly residual. Sweet!
One thing you should know about helping high-risk or should I say highly
questionable businesses is that not everyone is going to like or appreciate it. I actually had a woman call and ask me if I could set up a pornographic website; I was suspicious so I told her I might be able to refer her to someone, and she said she couldn’t do business with any company who was involved in that sort of thing. So be careful, because if your main base is mainstream business, you could alienate your public. Typically our
main partner will not help these types of businesses:

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