The more time goes by, the more technology plays a role in our lives. Innovation is always good, and it can even open doors for sales reps like us. A point of sales system (POS) is a computer that is a cash register, a credit card terminal, a time clock, and more. POS systems have become a mainstay for restaurants that need help managing employees and turning tables faster and more efficiently. Gas stations and grocery stores use POS
systems to manage hundreds or even thousands of products. Our partners have developed software systems not only for sit-down restaurants but also for quick-service restaurants and delivery. Our delivery software offers a database to keep track of your customers’ order history and caller ID so you know who it is when they call and what they usually order. We can now also offer new and improved setup for C stores and wine and spirits
retailers. These high-end components allow you to go after almost any business nationwide. So how do you cash in on the revolution?
We offer a setup where we can load the software on a laptop or iPad, and with a little training you can demo it to your prospects for show-and-tell. We also do online presentations for any merchant who needs more information. Some of our sales partners sell POS systems by phone across the country this way. One of the unique aspects of our program is that we basically loan the terminal to the client and they only pay for a monthly service plan. You get an up-front commission for the placement, and they have to get the processing from our partner, so it creates a very sticky situation, a long-term client, and a great monthly residual.
Once again, to get these merchants, time is of the essence, especially because a terminal can take three to four weeks to deploy. The best way to find these merchants first is to check your local liquor board. Most restaurants serve alcohol, and in most counties nationwide the owners have to apply for a liquor license. You can usually find this information online. Not only can you learn the name of the restaurant, you can also find out the location and the owner’s name, which is everything you need to get the deal. We give you the little secrets to not only help you get the deal, but also fill your pockets full of cash!

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