This book is for the person who knows everyone, who has a thousand friends and ten thousand Facebook friends. Relationship selling is the best way to utilize the people you know to propel your business. It’s easier than you think, and Cornucopia of Cash will be there for you every step of the way! This book is also designed for the person who wants to work for him or herself. It’s for the person who is sick and tired of the rat race, the commute, and not being paid what he or she is worth. It’s also for the person who has all the experience needed to land that great job, but there just isn’t anything available. If you’re out of work and hungry not just for food but for the respect that comes along with being able to pay your bills and put a roof over your family’s head, this is for you. If you’re eager to be not just a worker bee at your company but a professional in your field, we have the power and the know-how to get you there. You supply the hard work and dedication, and we will do the rest. And when I say hard work, I’m not talking about digging ditches or mowing lawns all day; I’m talking about meeting and greeting everyone from mom-and-pop business owners to Fortune 500 CEO’s. If you keep it up, in no time you’ll be not just an expert in your field but a payment-processing professional. What would you like in return? How about $3,000 a month in recurring revenue at the end of your first year? How about the opportunity to triple that at the end of your second year? How about the opportunity to work with your family? I’m not sure what my kids are going to do after college, but I guarantee you one thing: I will have a position ready for them if they choose to take advantage of it! It’s all possible. How many times have you seen an ad like “self-starter needed”? Our offer is like that—you make your own schedule, and you have to push yourself every day, but the rewards are tremendous. My wife and I both work for ourselves, and the biggest perk of self-employment is schedule flexibility. Once you have children, they demand more and more of your time—and thanks to my work in this business, I spend more time with my family. While I’m not sure of the breakdown, I believe this is a male-dominated business, but the good news is that women do great as well. In fact, all things being equal, I believe women have an advantage over men in sales. I have lost many large accounts to women who have come in and swept my clients off their feet. Or how about a one-two punch: This is an incredible business for a husband-wife team. You can go on appointments together, and two people can canvas twice the territory. One of you could be an appointment-setter and one the main salesperson. The possibilities are endless. And while my wife has her own business, she maintains our books and pays our bills, and as our CEO, she even tells me what to do at times. This business has rules but no limits. I wrote this book to help entrepreneurs build a business from scratch, but if you’re a B2B company with office space, a sales staff, and better yet a client list as long as your arm, then you can pass go and collect. There are tens of thousands of B2B companies out there with existing relationships that are ripe for the asking. As you know, it’s way easier to sell to someone you know as opposed to a complete stranger. So if you have two thousand clients, can you even imagine selling to only half of them and adding over $30,000 a month to your bottom line? With a phone call, an e-mail, and a click of a mouse, you can sell an account and “we do the rest!” Complete our contact us form and we will show you the way, or give us a call at (301) 829-3331 with your questions. We offer a setup where all you have to do is sell the account, and we will do a majority of the customer service and technical support. There are so many companies out there that could take advantage of this type of business. Is your business one of them? You bought this book because you wanted something new; you needed a change, a challenge, and a way to take your life to new heights. With this business, the sky truly is the limit!